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Smethwick International Exhibition Tickets

£3.00 (Coming soon)

Please Note: You must fill out and submit the form on the 'Book Your Visit' page on the International part of the website before ordering this item. (See the link opposite to go to the form).

Tickets to attend the Smethwick International Exhibition of Photography in January are available each year from 01 December until the close of the exhibition.

Their are two types of ticket available.

1. Weekday Evening ticket (7pm to 10pm)
2. Weekend ticket (1pm to 9pm including set buffet tea)

Please see the Exhibition calendar for full information.

Select your ticket option then 'Go to cart' to select the quantity that you require.

We will confirm your booking by Email on receipt of your form and payment. Please be sure to bring this confirmation along with you when you attend the exhibition.

If you have any queries regarding this transaction please contact the exhibition team using the form available on the International page menus.

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