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The entry server opens on the 1st day of each month that a  Competition occurs. Please see the opening and closing dates for each competion in the margin opposite








1st Colour Print

Entry Opens

June 1st

Entry Closes

June 17th

Competition Date

June 21st


1st PDI

Entry Opens

July 1st

Entry Closes

July 22nd

Competition Date

July 26th


1st Mono Print

Entry Opens

August 1st

Entry Closes

August 26th

Competition Date

August 30th


2nd Colur Print

Entry Opens

September 1st

Entry Closes

September 23th

Competition Date

September 27th


2nd PDI

Entry Opens

October 1st

Entry Closes

October 22nd

Competition Date

October 25th


2nd  Mono Print  

Entry Opens

November 1st

Entry Closes

November 18th

Competition Date

November 29th


3rd Colour Print

Entry Opens

January 1st

Entry Closes

January 20th

Competition Date

January 24th


3rd PDI

Entry Opens

February 1st

Entry Closes

February 17th

Competition Date

February 21st


3rd Mono Print

Entry Opens

March 1st

Entry Closes

March 24th

Competition Date

March 28th


Please see the

Programme Calendar for details of competition judging dates and judges.

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Online Entry System is for the use of members of Smethwick Photographic Society



Help is available at the club for members that may not have access to a PC or are initially unsure of the entry process.


Just bring along your entry details/images and the SPS PC's can be used to submit your entry.

NOTE: You can change your entry at any time, up to the time the server closes, using the email login details that you used when first submitting your entry.

You can download a complete set of folders for all SPS Merits and other Competitions by clicking on the ZIP image above.

When you download the zipped file simply unzip (Extract it) to your own PC. Once unzipped please view the README document contained in the folder to discover how this can help you.

We now use our online entry system for both Print and PDI entries. The date that the server opens and closes for submissions is noted opposite, and is generally the first day of the month in which the competion is scheduled


See a full set of rules HERE


PLEASE NOTE: Competitions have to be prepared well in advance of judging therefore we are not able to accept or process late entries for any reason.



Our projection background is black, please DO NOT fill empty space or add large borders to your PDI images, however a thin outline border is acceptable.


Enter the Current Competition


When entering online please be sure to select your

correct section for the competition you are entering:

Novice, Intermediate or Advanced

You can check your current classifications HERE

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