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By SPS News Editor, Oct 30 2018 09:30AM

Thanks to everyone for their support on Sunday 28th October at the PAGB Inter Club Print 2018 Competition at Blackburn.

Peter said not the result we were hoping for on this occasion.

The results table can be seen HERE

By SPS News Editor, Sep 5 2018 11:33AM

Congratulations to Michael Windle for his recent awards in the 2018 Welsh Salon.

He was awarded a FIAP gold medal and FIAP ribbon in the Open Monochrome Section.

By SPS News Editor, Aug 8 2018 07:55PM

Congratulations to Andy Fryer for his award of a Gold Medal in the Humanity section of the SRGB print celebration.

Well done Andy.

By 0122-johnmoore, Jul 18 2018 09:27PM

Great Success for SPS members in the Midland Salon. 21 Awards in total.

Congratulations to all.

Peter Siviter: FIAP Gold in the Open PDI Colour

FIAP Gold in the Creative PDI

PSA Bronze in Creative PDI

MCPF Medal in Creative PDI

Peter Gennard: GPU Silver in Mono PDI

PAGB Silver in Creative PDI

Mike Sharples: FIAP Gold in Colour Prints

MCPF Medal Colour Prints

PSA Silver Creative PDI

FIAP Silver in Mono Prints

PSA Bronze in Open Colour PDI

Hilary Roberts: PSA Gold in Colour Prints

MCPF Medal Colour Prints

MCPF Medal Mono Prints

Michael Windle: FIAP Gold Mono Prints

PSA Ribbon Mono Prints

MCPF Ribbon Mono Prints

David Wheeler: GPU Gold Open Colour PDI

Colin Close: MCPF Ribbon Open Colour PDI

Barbara Hawthorne: PSA Ribbon, Colour Print

MCPF Ribbon, Colour Print.

By 0122-johnmoore, Jul 16 2018 07:08AM

At the PAGB Inter Club PDI Championships on Saturday 14th July SPS were awarded 4th place in a very tight contest with only 4 points covering the first 4 places.

Thanks for the help and support.

A full table of results can be seen HERE

By 0122-johnmoore, Jul 9 2018 06:19AM

Congratulation also go to our members for gaining acceptances at the prestigeous Edinburgh Salon 2018 as follows:-

Dinah Jayes for her Images ' In the Window Light', 'Last Dance', Me and my Shadow' and ' Leaving' which was awarded a FIAP ribbon.

Michael Windle had four acceptances.

Roger Parry for his image 'Recining Beauty'

Tim Pile for his image 'Shadow'

By 0122-johnmoore, Jun 28 2018 08:28AM

Last night, Wednesday 27th June, the belated Awards and Exhibition was held for the recent 'Best of Britain' competition. You will recall that the original plan had to be postponed due to the flooding of the clubroom.

All the prints and PDI's were shown on the night and what a wonderful submission there was on display, and awards were presented to the winners.

This was the first time this event has been held, and without exception, all the attendee's were in agreement that this should become an annual event, It's not often that members get to display such excellent work.

A big thank you to Barbara for organising this event.

By 0122-johnmoore, May 30 2018 05:43PM

Due to the recent flooding of the clubroom, the results of the competition cannot be presented on Thursday 31st May as planned so the results will be shown on the website very soon and the awards will be presented on a forthcoming Thursday night programme.

We are extremely sorry about this but under the circumstances we have no other option.

For the results see HERE

By 0122-johnmoore, May 25 2018 03:30PM

We have just heard that Paul Keene has received his EFIAP/d3 certificate. Paul is the first photographer in the UK to be awarded the EFIAP/d3. To get this accolade he has gained 256 awards in FIAP exhibitions - 112 HMs, 36 Ribbons, 89 Medals, 10 Other and 9 Blue Badges.

A big congratulations to Paul.

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