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By 0122-johnmoore, Apr 9 2018 05:43PM

At the committee meeting on 6th April 2018 it was agreed that we are to discontinue the issue of certificates for each of the awards in every competition.

There will be awards for the first three places in each category for the seasons totals.

We will continue to issue certificate for the Members Annual Exhibition.

By 0122-johnmoore, Jan 27 2018 12:38PM

We are now showing the results of the 2018 PAGB Nature PDI club competition results and some of our images.

Congratulations once again to Michael Windle for winning a judges medal

The results can be seen HERE

By 0122-johnmoore, Dec 16 2017 11:20AM

See the table of results for the 12th FIAP Club World Cup 2017.

SPS didn't make the top three this time but were still proud to be placed 5th in such a large international competition.

Table and images are HERE

See all the selected entries HERE, there are a lot!

By 0122-johnmoore, Dec 16 2017 09:14AM

For those who may be interested in the Horse racing at Chaddesley please note the next meetings are:_

29/12/17 firts race 10.30am

11/2/18 first race 12 noon.

21/4/18 first race 2pm

12/5/18 first race 2pm

28/5/18 first race 1.30pm

By 0122-johnmoore, Oct 30 2017 10:43PM

Smethwick where placed 4th with 199 points. Cambridge were the winners with 202 points. There was a joint second place shared between Non Pareil and Dundee both with 200 points.

Dinah Jayes won theChairmans Trophy and PAGB Gold Medal for the ‘Best Mono Print’ with her print Delicate Form.

See the results HERE

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