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MFIAP (Master of Photography FIAP)


I achieved my MFIAP in 1993 at my first attempt. Here are some details of what is required.


This is the highest award for photographic merit that FIAP grants and does require photography of the very highest standard and equates to a “doctorate” in educational terms. You must be the holder of EFIAP for at least three years before you can be granted MFIAP.


You will be required to submit:

i) a complete curriculum vitae using forms prescribed by FIAP

ii) a Portfolio of 20 prints (prints ONLY are allowed). They must be coherent from its conception to its realisation and presentation.

iii) an introductory text that describes the subject and the creative concept of the photographer


To constitute a portfolio the prints must be linked; they must be a coherent and harmonious whole, as well as being on the level of contents of the images and vision of the author, as on the level of size and presentation. The choice of idea behind the portfolio is left entirely to the initiative of the candidate, who has the largest possible freedom of expression. The portfolio can be built on a theme, it can be a sequence, the illustration of a story. These are examples but not an exhaustive list.


This award is by no means automatic and, unlike all those above, the criteria are much more subjective. Applications are considered by the members of the FIAP Directory Board and are awarded on a simple majority vote of those members. If the award is not made the candidate receives a written explanation for the rejection.


My Porfolio submission


My portfolio consists of portraits reflecting the people that live in my home town. People who create individual images of the community in which they live. The cultures in the area that I have chosen for my portfolio are many and varied.


The aim in the portfolio is to relate different feelings and visions to the viewer through the eyes of the subject. The eyes in my portraits are the most important part of the photograph.. Eyes being a doorway to the soul.


This personal collection of portraits expresses one of my favourite aspects of photography, the fascination of photographing people. After looking through my photographs maybe you will agree with me, the power of photography to communicate.


Peter R Gennard


Peter R. Gennard MFIAP EFIAP/p - My Current Favourites