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Cumulative Monthly Points - Current Year

Only those members who score points in the individual Monthly Competitions appear on this list.

Please Note: This information will be deleted from the website on 1st June each year making way for the results of the competitions taking place in the new club year.

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1st Merit Competition

2nd-CP-inter-2018-19 2.-2nd-CP---Advanced---2018-19 2.-2nd-CP---Novice---2018-19 2.-2nd-PDI---Novice---2018-19 2.-2nd-PDI---Intermediate---2018-19 2.-2nd-PDI---Advanced---2018-19 1.2nd-MP---Novice---2018-19 1.-2nd-MP---Intermediate---2018-19 1.-2nd-MP---Advanced2---2018-19