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Benefits of Membership:

  • Friendly club atmosphere.

  • Open all year round.

  • Great facilities.

  • Help with your photo hobby.

  • Lots of events and activities.


Members Discount Shop: Lots of the items in our shop, photo paper, Sigma® Lenses etc, are only available to our members. In fact the cost of membership for many members is outweighed by the savings they can make. See Members Benefits below.


New Members: You should use the form below to apply for membership of Smethwick Photographic Society. On receipt of your application, and payment of the relevant membership fee, you will be notified by email when it is available to collect at the club room. You will receive a discount if applying part way through the year and your full annual subscription will then become due on 1st January each year. Please see the discount codes in the left hand side bar next to the application form. You can add the code at the payment checkout where your discount will be applied.

We hope to see you to our club soon and can assure you of a warm and friendly welcome. If you require any further information before making your decision please Contact Us


Existing Members: You should use this form for the annual renewal of your existing membership. Please note that the discount codes, for new members, quoted below DO NOT apply to the renewal of existing or previous (Lapsed) memberships.


IMPORTANT - Joint Membership Note: Each individual member, or prospective member, must fill out a form when applying for, or renewing, a  joint spouse (Husband/Wife) membership. In this case only one applicant should pay the subscription fee but both forms should note that it is a joint membership i.e. Joint (Spouse) or Joint (Spouse) Senior Citizen.


Information: The information provided on the form below is the minimum that is required to comply with the terms of the society’s insurances. We maintain insurance for members who participate in the clubs organised activities and events , on or off the premises, and are required to update members information at least once each year.

Application for, or Renewal of, Membership

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Postal Payments should be sent to:

Smethwick Photographic Society

The Old Schoolhouse,



West Midlands,

B69 2AS


Cheque Payments should be made payable to:

Smethwick Photographic Society

CLICK HERE to confirm successful submission of your form and make your payment Thank You - 210 px

If you are a new member our Membership Secretary will be in touch as soon as possible.

Annual Membership fees become due on January 1st each year.



When making your payment, and checking out via our shop, you should enter the relevant discount code relating to the month in which you are applying.

Please make a note of the relevant code before proceeding to pay.


Discount Coding?

NM indicates 'New Member' followed by two numbers, indicating the month number, followed by two numbers indicating the % discount you will receive.


New Members

Please take care to note the correct code.

Join Month - Use Code

Feb - NM0208

Mar - NM0316

Apr - NM0424

May - NM0532

Jun - NM0640

Jul - NM0748

Aug - NM0856

Sep - NM0964

Oct - NM1072

Nov - NM1180

Dec - NM1288

Membership Subscriptions

are due on or before

1st January each year


Members who do not renew their membership by 31st January will be temporarily recorded as lapsed members and will have until the next renewal date to pay their membership fees. However, within this period the full annual fee must be paid regardless of the time of rejoining.






The following products are available to members at special prices. The club shop also carries stock of certain popular items. Please contact the shop manager regarding stock, prices and ordering of non-stock items.


PermaJet's range of inkjet paper and accessories for all digital photographic printing applications.

Click the link below to view the products.


The full range of Sigma cameras, lenses and accessories.

Click the link below to view the products.



The full range of Fotospeed darkroom products, papers and accessories.

Click the link below to view the products.


Membership fees and Data Protection.


Lapsed Memberships

Your details will be kept by the Society for up to 12 months after a lapse in membership and will then be removed from our records.


However, during this period a lapsed member can apply to have their personal details removed from our records immediately by contacting the Membership Secretary.


Your lapsed membership number will be

re-allocated at this time.


After this period, lapsed members who wish to rejoin, may apply as a New Member, in which case pro rata membership fees may apply depending on the time of rejoining.


The Society is not required to register under the Data Protection Act but does follow certain procedures in order to stay within the law.


If you have submitted your form please now visit our SHOP to make your payment via your PayPal account or Credit / Debit card. This is our most preferred method of payment.


Please review the details you have entered.

You can use this form at any time to update or correct your details.


After submitting your form click on the link at the top of the page to

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 Successful submission will be indicated at the top of the form area.

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PLEASE NOTE: This is a two stage process:

Stage One, fill out and submit the form below which will go to our Membership Secretary.

Stage Two, if paying online, click on the link opposite which will take you to our shop to pay your fees which will go to our Treasurer. The Treasurer will notify the Membership Secretary of your successful payment and your membership card will be issued.


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