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Annual Members Exhibition Results - Season 2017-2018

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Entries judged by: Julia Cleaver ARPS.

Please Note: These results and associated gallery images will be removed in May of the next year in readiness for the current years Exhibition results.

No historical records are kept on this website.

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Thumbs Up 1-Mon-Print-Novice 2-Mono-Print-Inter 3-Mono-Print-Adv 4-Col-Print-Novice 5-Col-Print-Inter 6-Col-Print-ADV 7-Nat-Print-Novice 8-Nat-Print-Inter 9-Nat-Print-ADV 10-Port-Print-General 11-Port-Print-ADV 12-Pict-PDI-Novice 13-Pict-PDI-Inter 14-Pict-PDI-Adv 16-Nat-PDI-Novice 17-Nat-PDI-Inter 18-Nat-PDI-Adv 19-Port-PDI-Novice 20-Port-PDI-Inter 21-Port-PDI-Adv